August 24, 2016

Kally M

"I was a little skeptical spending what we did to carpet 3 bedrooms and our closet in the new SmartStrand carpet by Mohawk. It was expensive, but came with a great warranty, so we purchased it (in some light colors for a couple rooms). I was having a bit of buyers remorse on spending so much solely on carpet for our new house, until today. My child just spilled bright red soda on a very light colored carpet. I panicked a little at first, until I remembered that if it stained, I'd just call the company and get it taken care of. I soaked up what I could of the soda, leaving a pink spot in the carpet, and then I poured water over the spot and soaked it up. After three times of pouring water on it and soaking it up, there was NO stain! As a matter of fact, you can't even see where the spill happened. So thank you! You helped us choose this great carpet and had a great team of guys install it. They were even extremely patient with my curious two-year-old!"