Countertops in Ponderay, ID

Bathrooms and kitchens are defined by their countertops. Having quality, beautiful materials in these rooms will help add to their appeal and accentuate your investment in your home. Floor Show, Inc. offers the materials, styles and options you need to transform your countertops. Our many options include:

  • Natural stone

    Granite, marble and soapstone are just some of the breathtaking natural stone options we offer customers. The timeless quality, resilience and value-additive nature of stone makes it more than just an investment in beauty: it’s an investment for the future.

  • Engineered quartz

    Incredible durability, antimicrobial properties, nonporous surface and beautiful allure make engineered quartz a smart investment for homes where the kitchen is a central area for activity.

  • Solid surface

    Made from ground rock and resins, solid surface kitchen countertops in Ponderay, ID can be formed into specific shapes and styles per the needs of your home. They also come in a range of styles and colors, expanding the possibilities for customization beyond natural stone.

  • Laminate

    Durability and immense customization options, along with relative affordability, make laminate a popular favorite for homeowners seeking a beautiful installation that will truly accentuate their space. We can even tailor under-mount sinks and solid-surface edges for a truly seamless installation!

  • Butcher block

    Trending in today’s modern kitchen, butcher block countertops in Ponderay, ID have timeless appeal. They offer natural ambiance in your kitchen, for a unique option to offsetting your décor and atmosphere.

At Floor Show, Inc.

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to walk you through the many options we stock for kitchen countertops in Ponderay, ID, to help you get a feel for what might look best in your home and fit within your budget.

Visit our 4,000-square-foot showroom today and see just some of the many examples we have to offer! Or, give us a call at 208-263-5198 if you’re looking for something in particular.